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2019: APC Will Produce The Next Three Senators From Kogi State – Fanwo

Posted by on September 10th, 2018

In this interview with Kogireports, the Director-General, Media and Publicity to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, Kingsley Fanwo, denies the alleged imposition of candidates by his boss.Despite assurances and reassurances from Governor Yahaya Bello, the allegations on imposition of candidates has continued unabated. As we speak, three senate aspirants have backed out of the race in Kogi central. What is the true picture of pre-primaries politicking in Kogi APC?Let me thank you for your refined journalism and reportage of events in Kogi State. Politicians will always be politicians because politics itself is full of intrigues and attrition.The Governor is a fair minded leader. He is a product of a free, fair and credible primary election and that is what he will promote. Other states will learn from the success here.As the leader of the party in the state, all the aspirants are under his leadership. Therefore, hewill ensure a level playing ground for all. This will help our party to deal with the fall outs from the election primaries. Governor Bello is a man of fairness and equity.Currently, all three senators from Kogi state are in the opposition party. Is the APC-led Kogi stategovernment comfortable with this?We are not comfortable and we are set to redress that in 2019. We lost two of the Senators to the injustice perpetrated in the buildup to the 2015 polls when primaries were spurned and even the constitution of the party was flagrantly raped. We paid the price for that heinous disregard to the constitution of our party. The third person also left the party to pursue his political dreams elsewhere after losing touch with party leaders and members from his constituency.Governor Yahaya Bello is poised to redress this unfortunate situation. Over 80% of Kogi people are in APC and we will prove it during the 2019 polls.If APC produces the next three senators from Kogi, how will that be of benefit to the people of the state?A lot of benefits are inherent in such. They will be able to unite to tell the Kogi story on the flooragainst the misrepresentation of facts which has put Kogi at loggerheads with the leadership of the Senate in the past.Some people who have been rejected back home see the Senate as their own battle ring to run down government and make spurious claims to scare investors away from the state. We need patriots who will compliment the efforts of the State Government, not those who will tell the world Kogites are hungry and need rice to survive.Also, having all the Senators will help in uniting on the floor to defend the interests of the state and bring projects to the state. It will also help tostrengthen our party.Does APC have all it takes to win the next National Assembly elections in Kogi state, considering PDP resurgence?APC is stronger than it was in 2015 in Kogi State. We have registered over 500,000 members across the state. The party didn’t poll 500,000 to win the 2015 election. I can say to you that we will do even better in 2019.I have not seen the resurgence you are talking about. A party that signed a pact to hand free tickets to people against those who stayed back to nurture the party cannot be said to be undergoing any resurgence. Or is it the resurgence of fraud and unfairness?PDP is in tatters in Kogi State and you will soon see the impending implosion that will greet the injustice they are cooking. In Kogi, PDP is no threat.

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