Actress Juliana Olayode and Funke Akindele make reconciliation moves?

It seems Rebirth Author and former Jenifa’s Diary star Juliana Olayode a.k.a Toyosi made moves to reconcile with her former friend and Boss, Funke Akindele and we are all getting this from her tweet.

Actress Juliana Olayode and Funke Akindele make reconciliation moves? lailasnews

Juliana’s tweet which ended with #ThanksForPicking, made many believe Funke Akindele might be the one she might be reconciling with. The tweet reads in full;

I finally made the call It was so good hearing your voice again  I love you and I miss you  I hope we laugh together again soon #thankyouforpicking#youknowiloveyou#imissyou

Actress Juliana Olayode and Funke Akindele make reconciliation moves? lailasnews

Recall that in a cryptic message in the last days of March, Funke Akindele shared on Instagram, the Jenifa’s Diary star said she would not stop making stars out of individuals even if those she helped do not appreciate it.

According to the CEO of Scene one productions, “only God repays kindness, so expect less from people you have helped.”  Although Funke Akindele mentioned no names and didn’t even personalize the message, many pointed fingers at former Jenifa star, Juliana Olayode a.k.a Toyo baby to be the object of Funke’s rants. The actresses have not been able to go back to being friends, since Juliana’s unceremonious departure from the series.

Sources close to the two colleagues, claim that money was the root of their problem. Apparently, Funke Akindele removed Toyo baby from the series because she demanded for more pay a source revealed to TNS. Akindele via her production manager and younger sister Abimbola, pays actors between N3,000 and N150,000 (per episode/season of the show) depending on their role.

Toyo baby’s request did not go down well with Funke, because she felt Toyo was being an ingrate since she rose to fame via her appearance on the popular show. Also, actors Lota Chukwu, Omotunde Lolo 1, Falz D Bahd Guy (who has since exited the show) and Olayode are the highest paid actors who take home N150,000 per season. The rest take home much less.

More popular stars like Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa and others who have had brief cameo appearances on the show reportedly got between N100,000 and N300,000 for ‘showing face’. As a result of their fallout, both Funke and Juliana Olayode unfollowed each other on social media.

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