Are The People Of Kogi Central Tribal Bigots Or Political Party Loyalists?

The people of Kogi Central are predominately the Igbiras (Ebiras). They are politically diversified but majority usually align with the ruling party/party at the Centre. Before the emergence of the present Governor of Kogi state in 2015 after the unfortunate death of Prince Abubakar Audu, the central people hadn’t been so lucky to rule the state since her creation in August 1991. All the three previous Governors of the state were from Kogi East (Igala land)
From 1999-2015, the Ebiras had always thrown their weight behind all the Igala sons that ever ruled the state. Once a major contender of the primary ticket from the Central lose out at the Primary Election to an Igala man, they stayed true to their party and worked for the party to win, not minding that the party flag bearer is from a different tribe. Even when other Ebira sons pick governorship tickets from political parties other than the party at the centre, majority of the Ebiras still didn’t betray the party at the centre. They fight in-house and wreck havoc just to deliver block votes to the Party they are loyal to.
The recent cyber attack and names calling of the Ebira people for supporting the reelection of their son as the Governor of the state by some Igalas is really annoying and worrisome. Kindly get yourself acquainted with political history of the Ebiras before you draw a conclusion about them.
I put it to you; The Ebiras are Political Party Loyalists not Tribal Bigots. If their son had lost out at the primary election, they would have still supported whoever is the APC flag bearer, irrespective of the region the candidate comes from. This is not to say there are no ethnic bigots among the Ebiras; don’t we have them everywhere? I am only speaking for the majority and what I know them for.
Let’s not make this contest a tribal war. Remember, there are some Igalas supporting GYB same way some Ebiras are supporting Engr. Wada. Do we call this category of people enemies of their tribes? Our utmost priority should be good governance and quality service delivery by whoever emerge the winner comes November 16th by the grace of God.
Kogi is rich and deserves better than her present status. In her diversity lies her strength. Contribute to her growth and stop throwing tantrums.
Good luck to all the contestants.
God Bless Kogi State.
Billy D. Saliu

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