Buying Premium Drinks Don’t Make You Premium” – Pretty Mike Shocks Expensive Drink Buyers

Socialite, Pretty Mike of Lagos has revealed to premium drink buyers that buying premium drinks does not make them premium.

Pretty Mike would like Lagos Big boys to know that premium drinks alone cant make them premium. There are a number of other boxes one must tick to actually make them premium.

A lot of people spend so much money on buying expensive drinks, empty their accounts with nothing to go back home to. Well, Pretty Mike is out here letting them know that they is a very long way to premium itself.

In his words, Because u r buying premium drinks, doesn’t make u premium before u can play in da premium League, u must have made premium money, back to back, you have spent on premium drinks, drive premium cars, premium cribs, and furniture.

You must fly premium, and most importantly you must have been fucking premium pussy on a regular, you must wine and dine premium, Note, i;m adding this here twice. Bitch you must smell PREMIUM. #DirtyBoys.

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