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COLLAB REVIEW: Korede Bello – Do Like That (Remix) Ft. Kelly Rowland

Posted by on March 7th, 2017

I started having issues with Korede Bello when my girlfriend started placing him above me on the love ladder. Even his ground breaking track ‘Godwin’ did not change my stance towards him until now.
When he released ‘Do Like That’ in 2016, I had mixed thoughts about the song. It had a nice instrumental but his delivery was just off. The first two lines were well delivered, almost portraying him as a guru beat killer. He eventually flopped with repetition on the song. How sad I felt!
But he did the boom and I find myself drooling with emotions just like my girlfriend. He featured Kelly Rowland! 

It’s not just because she’s internationally known, but because she is one of the best RnB singers. 
Now I don’t think the song is great because it has Kelly on it; she is a legend, no doubt. I think it’s great because the song is just complete – Kelly’s delivery is just perfect, something Korede failed to deal with completely. Thumbs up to Don Baba J on this one. 

The production is simply put as MARVELING. Well maybe the fact that Kelly is on the track makes it great for me because I prefer her verse to that of Korede’s. It is captivating, unlike Korede’s which is exactly what he did on the original song.
Putting foreign collaborations into consideration, I think the song is ‘internationally perfect’ because it has a legend on it to begin with, the production matches that of some internationally acclaimed songs.

 Korede, I hope you do more of this, or even better. 

A big thumbs up to you on this one, it remains the most creative collaboration this year. 

A young artiste blows the world with his childhood role model.

Rating: 7/10​

Listen to the song here

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