Edo Man Returns Wife To Her Parents , Says Her Virginal Is Too Wide — Metro — Nigeria

Edo Man Returns Wife To Her Parents , Says Her Virginal Is Too Wide — Metro — Nigeria

Everybody was in shock yesterday at Ebelle community in Edo state as a man returns his wife to her parents saying the woman’s virgina will swallow him up if nothing is done about it. The community was amused how the man identified as Osamudiame Iyobosa could be that childish as to return his legally married wife for such flimsy excuse. The man who dropped his wife at her parents house in ubiaja in a green coloured golf 4 told his in-laws that many people must have slept with Edeki for her virginal to be that wide
The couple before now were living at upper mission road in Benin city. It was said that Edeki was merely recommended to Iyobosa. However, a man who sells palm wine near ubiaja market admits that the man may be right, according to him, Edeki was a well known flirt in the neighborhood and that no indigene would have married her. He said they were all surprised when Iyobosa came from Benin to marry her. Some young girls even started flirting saying that flirts are the most lucky ones using Edeki as example of a lucky flirt

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  1. God bless that man for doing that,this will serve as a lesson to others.. after dem don useless their self finished come they find innocent man way go they suffer himself on top him own money ooo . you can’t enjoy what you paid for imagine

  2. The woman has learnt her lesson in a hard way, and this should teach other girls a lesson, also the man should have researched into the life and family of the girl before embarking on the journey. Backing out now is not the solution, he is legally married to her, On the other hand, how are we sure his thing is not severely hypopladtic(abnormally small)

  3. That one weak person oooo, that’s why I always advocate 4 taste b4 marriage though that man didn’t get it right at all because there some women who are just created like that..the parents of the lady should advice the son in law 2 go back with his wife.finally that man must be a big fool & stupid because he need to be poisoned.

  4. My dear let me inform u since u are wet behind the ear, Promiscuity & infidelity isn’t for any tribe. Am in Dubai, if u see what our Nigerian babes are doing, u will cry. They post pictures on fb & insta people are hailing them back home. When people say Edo babes I just laugh, co e & see the level of stupidity amongst our babes from the southeast, but I don’t use tribe. I call them Nigerians cos all tribes are involved

  5. Immorality has no future, it never pays, she thought she was enjoying life then, now the Shane she brought herself was too much to bear. For a man to complain on such, the lady has destroyed herself

  6. To that person that said fear Edo women,none r gud.u r absolutely wrong!!! Am an Edo girl,not advertising my self,I will b 25 next month,still have never had sex for once.Don’t judge all with the action of one pls.

  7. Hmmm, this story weak my left yansh oooh, am an Edo man presicely esan man, the rate our girls are flirting because of love they have for money and the way this so called yahoo boys rubbish them eeeeeeh its somehow oooo, anyway it will serve as an example to others

  8. Seriously majority of our girls are bore hole,,,that was hw i lost my expensive wrist watch while fingering one edo girl…

  9. Scientifically, promiscuity/sexual activeness doesn’t make ur….. loose. Some gals are like dat..
    Before…the average African man believed that the sex of his child is 100% dependent on the wife. Now…we all know who actually determines weather a child is male or female.

    It’s time for us Africans to wake up. Let’s not swim in the pool of ignorance.

  10. Your culture is sick.

    So a man can go around having multiple sex partners but a woman must be perfectly behaved and pure?

    I’m ashamed on behalf of all men.

  11. The man is not man enough how can you take your wife away because of her vagina is too wide are you God that created her like that some vagina are like that even on some man has huge cock while others has long or short penis so let’s he go back and takes her wife home

  12. Confirm lesson to other girls, you gave your self to useless guys and used anyhow and later got married to an innocent man, and start blaming him that you are not satisfied. God go punish you,we will copy that man now if it happen again. Five stars for that man ✨

  13. Confirm lesson to other girls, you gave your self to useless guys and used anyhow and later got married to an innocent man, and start blaming him that you are not satisfied. God go punish you,we will copy that man now if it happen again. Five stars for that man ✨

  14. I wish to acknowledge the man for a bold step taken, these a clear reason why most ladies these day complain of men not satisfied them in bed, after moving around sleeping with different kind of men, the innocent will bear the brunt.

    A lady who marry as a virgin and not cheat has no reason to complain whethere her husband sex life is low or High.

    Moral lesson to all the single.

  15. all edo girls are not d same….im an edo girl but i don’t flirt even wen im wit my crush…
    it runs in all tribes

    well dis would serve as a lesson to those girls☺.

  16. The fact remains that it is more like, “different strokes to different folks. There are some natural ‘bore hole’, and handmade, ‘public utility’.
    Whichever applies to the woman is best known to her.
    We should look well before we leap.
    Please take your wife back and arrange a stich-up , if possible, or to enlarge your organ, to fit in, whichever is easier.

  17. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well the husband should go and buy Sukura Man power syrup,at least when he stays 1 hour on top of his wife the pussy juice will dry up. Voiler!!!! The sweetness of the pussy will start creeping in! In fact Toto sweeeeet! Weather wet or dried so far you sabi fuck

  18. The man na mugu, instead of you buying Virgina soap for her you just disgrace her publicly,, every body is saying she is flirt,who is she flirting with? Is it not you guys?

  19. This is serious but I know that wisdom is more profitable. His actions was not properly guided.

    They are many ways to kill a rat. Taking her back to her parents/this publication is not ideal at all. Marriage is for better for worse.

  20. Low I nor fit laff… Abeg make Una come buy land, so no man can return u to Ur fathers land, obviously the lady has nothing to contribute to the family dat y she ended up dat way, if she was even a banker, even make them give am Belle, the man will still accept her like that, so women, take responsibility for urself. Buy land now @ a promo price, #350k ibeju lekki Lagos, #250k warri Delta state, #150k itori Ogun state. Edo state Sapele road, #3.5m

  21. So you’re now telling me that you married before SEX abi? What of all those girls that you’ve disvirgin for long years back who do you dumped them for?
    You’re a follish man you just come here to talk shit just to gain NAME right? You think say you wise but you are a MUMU man. mad ooooo

  22. Oga if the toto don wide fuck am for anus, if u don dey cum, remove your dick from her anus and put your dick in her pussy to release the Sperm so you can have babies. Sense no go kill me

  23. You can’t blame the man na,who asked her to sleep around in the first place and after paying bride price you don’t want him to enjoy his thing properly….like buying fairly used item

  24. Pls my people can I have the lady contact I will marry her.one man food is another man poison.i love to swim in wide virginal.even my wife virginal is too tight,she’s given me stress b4 my dick enter with a very loud screaming.

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