Fashion Influencer, Prudent Gabriel advices Nigerian Fashion Designers to be more Authentic

Popular Lagos-based Fashion Influencer, Prudent Gabriel has urged fashion designers in Nigeria to be more genuine with their designs and to replicate less foreign trends; in an interview with This Day.

Nigeria’s fashion sector is expanding at a rapid pace. Nigerian designers are gaining international recognition and making the country proud with their creations. Prudent Gabriel believes that Nigerian designers are always refining their work, which she finds inspiring. “We’re doing a lot better than we were.” We are more inventive and prosperous. I foresee us rising higher and gaining more international acclaim.” She expressed herself.

“The point is, I’m not saying people shouldn’t take designs from foreign designers; because as a fashion designer, we naturally acquire designs from a number of people; also from colors, flowers, materials, and even nature itself,” the Prudential Styling CEO said in a statement. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but if you want to imitate something from someone or somewhere, I recommend that it come to you as an idea that will inspire you to create your own design. You can replicate and recreate the style in such a way that even the original designer would be surprised to see it and have no idea it was influenced by them.”

She also added that rather than copying and pasting designs, she encourages students in her Fashion Academy and those who participate in her Facebook Live Classes to copy and reconstruct them. Ultimately, she believes that originality is the key to becoming exceptional. A fashion label that creates unconventional styles and avant-garde products will remain longer. Fashion is how you express yourself as a designer, a weapon you use to stand out, make a statement, and even cause a scandal. Our passion for fashion extends beyond the runway to our everyday lives; just look at Instagram to understand how important fashion is. When you have a unique sense of style and share pictures on Instagram, you are likely to gain a lot of followers. She also said: “This is always my advice to every Nigerian designer, upcoming designers and those that look up to me. Do not be a copy-copy designer; instead strive to be the best version of yourself.” Genuine designs stem from authentic creativity.

Talking about her customers, she says; “I also always pass this same message to my customers. I tell them if you want me to make a design you’re showing me from somewhere, then that signifies that you want to look like that person. This is wrong; you should look more like yourself, wear what fits you, and do what works for you. This is why we provide ‘Style Consultation’ at Prudential Styling, because it is very important for customers to be able to know and identify their styling persona and get the right styling designs for themselves. We proffer styling solutions to customers and help them create fitting designs from scratch inspired by other designs they liked, and in the end they’ll look like the best version of themselves from what they wanted or admired, that’s originality.”

She explained that this is why people who love to look trendy, classy and comfortable can wear her designs, because while making outfits, she looks at the colour, fit and fabric to know what will be suitable for her client. “Like I also tell my customers, if you want me to make Asoebi for you, and you’re sending me pictures from Instagram and you want me to create exactly what you sent. When you wear this outfit, people who have already seen it on Instagram, either on Asoebi Bella or Asoebi Styles and other fashion blogs will automatically just know you copied what you’re wearing from someone else.” She continued.

“So be the original, be the architect of your own design so that others might be inspired by you.” Don’t do things on the spur of the moment; instead, plan beforehand. Have the desire and enthusiasm to make a name for yourself in the fashion business.” She said finally . That is why Nigerian designers should strive to be unique. Allow your style to begin expressing your true self today, and enjoy the process of discovering it.


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