Jhybo Ft. Street Kings – Ija Omode (Rap Battle)


Lima Sound front man, Jhybo otherwise known as Rapwoli, Video Director Snybes and Music Producer Snagxy have united to bolster and empower a gathering of youthful artistes in exhibiting their music gifts in this enthusiastic fight rap called “Ija Omode”.

After a shot meeting with the most youthful rapper Sky Dee, Jhybo was excessively inspired with his rap abilities and chose to include a gathering of youthful rappers in this irregular venture . The viral video bolstered by Lima Sound was birthed and the youthful artistes did not disillusion with their noteworthy rap aptitudes and certainty bound out on this hip Afro beat.

Named by Jhybo as the ‘Road Kings’, the youthful rappers all hail from Lagos Island – Maido, TY Style, OK Drizz and Sky Dee. The Ija Omode venture is to empower and bolster the adolescent and give them certainty/involvement in their individual vocations.



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