Kogi Female senatorial aspirant Barr. Natasha H. Akpoti vows to drive Industrialization, Steel Reforms

– Natasha Akpoti has assured the people of Kogi state of reviving the Ajaokuta Steel Company

– Akpoti also said she would ensure the protection of host communities’ rights through social justice

– She also promised to advocate for rights to portable water, good roads, quality education adequate healthcare

A female aspirant of the Kogi central senatorial district, Natasha Akpoti, has vowed to drive industrialisation in Nigeria through steel sector’s reform that will empower communities.

Akpoti, who is seeking election into the National Assembly under the platform of Social Democratic Party said she would ensure the protection of host communities’ rights through social justice.

Speaking to journalist on Monday, September, 10, Akpoti, the founder of Builders Hub Impact Investment Programme said, her major policy trust would be the revitalization of the Ajaokuta Steel complex which is domiciled in Kogi state and all other ailing steel companies in Nigeria

Stating that a functioning Ajaokuta Steel complex was capable of generating revenue and huge employment opportunities to the citizenry, the senatorial aspirant said her aspiration is geared towards boosting Kogi state’s economy while working hand in hand with the present administration to promote policies that would place control of common natural resources in the hands of the people.

She said: “It is unethical, unwise for some persons to keep holding on to the dark age that government is responsible for the economic growth and development of a nation.”

Akpoti further stressed the need to create a responsive government framework which would stimulate the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support the growth of new businesses in Kogi central and beyond.

“It is also worthy to note that I will push for inclusive governance which forms the fundamental principles of what the SDP stands for.

“It is all about bringing government closest to the grassroots, ensuring that their voices are captured and represented, ensuring that laws and governance meet the weakest of those in our society. Our people have been marginalised from the necessity of government. When it comes to social justice and economic development we have been absolutely neglected,” Akpoti said.

She added that people have realised that government and governance is so far away from the masses, saying she stepped into the senatorial race to make a difference in matters that are crucial to their existence.

“So I can be the voice of the voiceless, though I have been a known advocate for the revival of Ajaokuta Steel Company, and we have achieved some milestone but that’s not enough and there is so much that’s needs to be done,” the aspirant noted.

Akpoti said in addition to right to life as enshrined in the constitution, she will advocate for rights to portable water, good roads, quality education adequate healthcare delivery and inclusive governance which she said the SDP stands for.

“Although Social Objectives are captured in the second Chapter, Section 17 under the Fundamental Objectives and Directives Principles of State Policy in the same Constitution, it is not a right. Objectives of government are different from the RIGHTS of citizens.

It’s important to mention that the dividends of democracy can only be derived when the laws spelling out the legal and political rights of citizens also recognize social and economic rights”.

“The context of social justice is derived from the concept of human rights and equality which implies that people should have equal access to healthcare, quality education, wealth creation opportunities, good basic infrastructure, justice, promotion of host communities rights and every other socio-economic advantage which guarantees the enjoyment of life as residents of Kogi Central senatorial District and Citizens of Nigeria,” she concluded.

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