Kogi Guber: ‘I Am Not Supporting Anyone’ – Prince Audu

As the Kogi state gubernatorial election beckons and speculations are high among Kogites on whether Prince Mustapha Mona Audu, a former APC aspirant would name a candidate of his choice for his teaming fans, he has said he is not for anyone.
Audu, who made this known on Monday, also affirmed that he rejected several offers that were made available to him after he was forced out the governorship race by the All Progressive Congress (APC) screening committee in a screening that was allegedly doctored and manipulated.
He acknowledged the concerns raised by Kogi electorate who assumed he is working for Governor Yahaya Bello, but said he never contested for the election out of starvation or to enrich himself. He said he came to empower the common Kogites and that is why he still continue in his empowerment programs and not like other politicians who would come and disappear after losing out because of selfish interest.
“Thank you everyone for the diversity of your comments. I understand that 99% of politicians appear every 4 years and if they don’t benefit they disappear. So it is of legitimate concern if people are unsure what my motives are.
“For me, I am not a flag bearer of any party. I am not interested in supporting anyone so that I can be rewarded once the person wins.
“I did not venture into politics because I am hungry and looking for a means of survival. I spent well over 200 million in campaigning this year and what makes me very happy is that .majority of the money went into the hands of normal Kogites and not middle men.
“If Allah says I will be the President of Nigeria then no one can stop it and if He wills me for something else then so be it.
“My fellow Kogites are still wallowing in abject poverty. Should I watch and wait and say since I am not a flag bearer I wont help?
“Many parties and people have made me offers from flying their party flags to being deputy to financial inducement. But I am neither hungry nor desperate.
“This is how best I believe I can apply myself. I will be visiting some international charity organisations here in the UAE today and tomorrow and the aim is to uplift fellow Kogites.
“Young people today make terrible decisions because of hunger. How then can Nigeria be set on the right path. This is the road less traveled. Difficult, challenging, lonely and financially draining but I would rather do this than watch my people suffer.
“I have not held any political office and no one on the planet can accuse me of misappropriation of their common wealth. Likewise, there is no election in sight or ministerial appointments available that I am lobbying for.
“Let us as young people be bold enough to stand up and make a difference without immediate benefit. Why do you think the government of Nigeria takes young people as a joke? We are not ready to stand up and be counted.
“It is time to #GetInvolved. This is our time, our state, our country yet we mean nothing except when it’s time to cause violence and mayhem,” Mona said.
The young Prince has commenced another empowerment program he named ‘GetInvolved’. He also announced that the empowerment of scores of Kogites with start up capitals will start soon.

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