Kogi Guber: Open Letter to The In-coming Governor of Kogi State

Kogi StateAug 01, 2019, 15:18 Pm4840
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Dear Mr. Governor,

Uneasy they say lies the head that wears the crown!

For the thousands of Kogi electorates that will troop out to exercise their civic responsibility come November 16 2019, the result of which you will be honoured, there is a great risk and doubts as to the longevity and the lifespan of the goodwill.

Before professional bootlickers and sycophants swarm around you to becloud and shroud you from the reality of what you are going to face let me quickly recommend that you obtain a copy of the Holy Bible and read the entire book of Nehemiah from chapter one to thirteen three times before you get into office so that you will be able to fathom the great reforms and reformations he made in Israel.

The experience of Nehemiah will greatly prepare you for the work ahead
news had reached Nehemiah in foreign land of the of the sorry state of the Jewish nation this made him extremely unhappy and decided to do something.

I am persuaded into thinking too Your Excellency that the terrible state foisted on the people of Kogi state in the last four years more than anything else propelled you into throwing in your hat into contesting to occupying Lugard House.

Nehemiah Your Excellency did first thing first: He prayed for Israel ! He went to God asking for mercy for the Lord to touch the heart of Artaxerxes the King concerning the request he is about to make that is; be away for some considerable length of time for the work of rebuilding Jerusalem.
Nehemiah was to serve the King his wine this day as usual but this time with a countenance the king noticed was sad. It was a great offence to wear such countenance before the King those days.

He was saddened with a heavy sorrowful heart. The love of his people made him sad, bold and undaunted Nehemiah discovered very quickly the missing link in the life of his people, the Jews.

They needed to get their spiritual life rejuvenated. Restoration of faith and hope in their present and future life was required to heal the nation’s tattered image.

Nehemiah encourages the Jews to rebuild their life and land. He got together experts in various aspects of the work. Nehemiah overcame opposition plots of Sanballat and Tobiah.

For work of rebuilding the bridges of Kogi to be done,the despondent the people of Kogi had become must be comforted so as to heal the sorrowful, the weary and the downcast.

There had being a long season of mourning among the people of Kogi state. The people who had been rendered disconsolate in view of gross maladministration wanton destruction of their belief in themselves.

The most important thing is for you to be bold and confident. In times of trials to act always in view of the promises you made while campaigning by assuaging them of all inhuman treatments of the past.

By that Kogi people will reciprocate by showing you love,support, goodness and kindness.

That the memories of the past years especially the last four not to continue to come back to haunt them and halt the prospects, progress faith and hope in you as their new Chief Executive you must fashion ways to make them quickly begin to forget the maladministration, failures and misfortunes.

Remember that the people can not enjoy the benefits and the opportunities in your resolve if they continue to ruminate on the distress, disappointments and disgrace of the past.

You are to help them out of the terrible mental state of believing that politics is dirty and that every politician is a thief.

Your popular election will promised a new things in the lives if these people who had remained so good as not to have resulted into chaos in the face of blatant disappointments, pains and problems of the past must be allowed to go with it as they welcome your regime of opportunities.

A new beginning will comes to the people if you quickly embark on policies and programs that will make them forget the sordid past.

Be aware Your Excellency that you will someday be required to give account of your stewardship, not just to the citizens of Kogi and Nigeria but even after life.

If you are thinking there is plenty of time to govern and savour the pleasures of lugard house please have a rethink and borrow a leaf from your predecessors.

Only the heart that has experienced appreciates the truth, can speak the truth, live by the truth, obey the truth and appropriate the truth.

Never engage your thoughts with that morbid reasoning that there are some people you cannot work with as a governor !

Your immediate predecessor was loudly quoted as saying and acted that he cannot work with anyone older than fifty years old ! By that singular policy, he grossly decimated his support base and greatly countenanced the very valuable experience and wisdom that comes only with time and age.

You must endeavour to ask good questions from elders and leaders for it is only good questions that engenders good answers.

Nothing can be worst in life than for a politician to have worked very hard, secured election victory for his party and the Governor and some others who were not party members and who were no where bear the theatre of campaign be sought upon to inherited the fruit of the labour while very loyal party stalwarts are left to wallow in rejection and abandonment.
God will never be happy with such Governor.

This was the policy that characterises the formation of previous Governments in Kogi state which more than anything else guaranteed their failure as governors.

No Sooner than they got into office that the very people that were good enough to toiled and suffer in the sunshine and rains with them to secure electoral victory will be considered not suitable for appointments. They then remembered their old classmates and friends who never gave them benefits of success and never campaign with offered them juicy and mouth watery appointments abandoning those loyal party members who worked toiled and suffered for the success of their election.

God cannot be happy with such governor.

Your Excellency, Kogi state is one state where bad roads has become the descriptive feature. Once people travelling entered into Kogi state at the border with other States bad roads welcome them. Road infrastructure among many other clear infrastructure deficit of the state must of necessity be your priority.

Prompt payment of workers salary is not and can never be counted as one major achievement of any government world over. In your state of Kogi Mr Governor, what you are inheriting are people who after working for the months had to result into night vigils of prayers to get paid their wages.

A visit to various houses of worship will reveal how terrible things had gotten. When one is lucky to get certain month of many outstanding months paid, people shared testimonies in praise of Heavens while the Governor, his families and cronies feeds fat.

Kogi state state is extremely rich in solid minerals Your Excellency ! very few States in the Federal Republic of Nigeria is any where near Kogi’s natural endowment.

Rather than engaging local and international investors to tap and open Kogi Government is daily pursuing petty traders, laddening them with heavy taxation regime.

Your Excellency Kogi state is the one of the largest cement company in the World. Kogi are however not privileged with the detail dealings between Dangote and Lugard house.

For any government or governor that is determined at making a different in the lives of the people, the welfare and wellbeing must remained paramount.

Statutorily, certain part of the monthly allocation coming into the state from federal Government and the internally generated must be expanded in the state capita and the Local Governments headquarters.

Lokoja is a state capital that had suffered a terrible infrastructural neglect, especially in the last four years. It had been said that in Lokoja today, motorists no longer avoid potholes, they only select the ones to enter.

Your Excellency i know you will not partake in the debasement of our youths by engaging them in political thuggery and other vices.

The future generation of our state deserves better and thorough attention. Quickly get sincere experts together to advice you on how to create opportunities for them to be employed, employable and even self employed. Kogi has more that enough.

Eschew all forms of sycophancy ! Do not encourage liers, bootlickers around your Government.

There are far more good people in Kogi state than the bad ones. Only a Governor with deep insight ladened with very positive discerning spirits will get reelected after four years of engagement with out intimidation and brigandage.

The contract you signed with the people of Kogi state by way of manifesto and campaign promises is a bond with which your stewardship will be viewed at the end of your tenure both by man and God.

There are times one governs over others to self edification while at others govern people to their self destruction.

When four years ago Hon.James Abiodun Faleke warned the Governor and the Government of Kogi state of the need to govern well, reconcile with themselves, the party members and with the people, pay salaries to workers and pensioners, the very shallow minded political considerations never allowed for reason !

Today, Faleke is being vindicated and proved right.

– Musa Bakare writes from Lokoja, Kogi state.

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