Kogi Guber Race: Who is The Best Option, Victor Adoji?

Who will save Kogi state from the enfant terrible in the Lugard House? Who will deliver the state, our dear state from a 43-years old man misleading with the mandate of a dead man? How will Kogi be set free from the modern-day slavery brought upon the people by a mouth-agape? Who will save the people from the menace? And who will champion the course of humanity and resuscitate my quest for a generational power shift?

Kogites are in big trouble, and we dearly need a MOSES to lead us out of the muscled financial mechanism and human structures currently training in the Lugard House. It is not rhetoric if nothing is done swiftly, the prospect of dynamism and innovation championed by a generational power shift may tarry. In reality, the elements in the Lugard house if allowed to linger will see to the exit of our dear state. For in no time, Yahaya Bello would have become more sophisticated politically, thus, deciding when and how we breathe. In short, the trend would be the succession of clueless and ham-fisted fellows masking as progressive minds, whereas, they are anti-human in disguise.

What bewildered many of us are; the circumstance surrounding the foray of this young lad into such sensitive position, the thought that it would propel him to achieve something and most especially, the notion of ‘Not too young to lead’ ( Victor Adoji on channels TV) which he (Yahaya Bello) has made a mocking reference. It is sickening that melancholic news still comes out of Kogi state three years down the line. Although, a good head would not ponder; our so-called governor is so bereft of ideas, wholly incompetent, manifestly irresponsible and most astoundingly, he is unbelievably insensitive to the plight of his people.

This post is a clarion call, to remind Kogites of the needs to come out en masse and decide their future as well as, to keep aspirants abreast of the enormous tasks ahead. To us, this is not just an election but a transition sin-qua-non to our further engagements as a political entity. Besides, ousting Yahaya Bello does not come as ease as ordinarily, it would have seemed especially, that the demography now recognizes those who count the votes and not those who actually cast the votes. Hence, the calls to deliberately note substantial issues which in a nutshell birthed the subject matter- WHO IS THE BEST OPTION, VICTOR ADOJI?In as much as the abominations in the Lugard house must be laid off, due care must be observed. Hence, anyone aiming to match them out on the root of nonpayment of salaries and the inability to douse security tension is not an option. Payment of salaries is the least of our problems at the moment, and insecurity though should raise apprehension; an economically viable, socially stable, politically independent and morally conscious Kogi state will curb insecurity.

Bye and large, the best option for Kogi state is a sound technocrat with a well-balanced economic proficiency, politically savvy and most importantly, one with untainted history in relation to personal dealings. Simply put, anyone without a questionable character or compromised integrity can embark on this sacred task. This is where we will interpret my question base on the popularity of aspirants in the queue.From the ruling All Progressive Party APC, aside from the fact that Bello has totally lost credibility, some major aspirants have impending questions to answer with Nigeria’s anti-graft agency. They’ve also been timelessly interrogated for financial misconduct and may have returned a certain amount to the Federation Account. However, the sluggishness in their trial might either be the ‘prevailed verdicts’ of powers that be or the anti-graft’s accustomed styles of ‘prosecution before investigation’.

Others are leveraging on purported parental structures, they said their Father’s DNA runs in their vein and they can outshine Emperor Yahaya Bello if given the opportunity. You see, in order to realize and espouse people’s plight, you may have gone through certain processes in life, critical to self-intuition. Hence, those who are already at zenith of opulent even from the womb may not understand this fact. Therefore, even though it is apparent that the old lethargic style awaits, the new Kogi of our dream may not be realized through these characters, I stand to be corrected. I have also said this before, and I will repeat it here, a thief is always a thief, we can’t entrust this delicate moment to whoever has been viewed as one. And to cap it all, there is currently no credible candidate in the ruling party. Don’t get it twisted, this is the gospel truth.

In the opposition party PDP, the outmoded norm appears to hold sway still. And though we have prayed and hope they realize Kogites had soared beyond this, there are much more detrimental issues that if not discussed, could portend succor to the rebels in the Lugard house. Take it or leave it, if the election is conducted this moment PDP will fail woefully.

The dynastic polity being advocated by former governors does not have a place in our hearts and the advocates should bear in mind that, the mission is dead on arrival. Not when the current bleaks were instigated by their specious, ill-conceived and lucre attitudes while in office. As a matter of fact, PDP should understand that giving them tickets is a fast route to be extinguished from the polity of the state.

We also have other elderly aspirants who, at one point grandiosely influenced Kogi East Elder’s Council into trading on the altar of selfishness. At a time, we were told they had reclined from contesting in the race. But, how they woke up and suddenly realized there may be an opportunity to be missed still baffles me. Although, it was confided that the aspirants who did not buy the nomination forms were the solicitors. The list goes on, even an aspirant whose workers earn a varying N25, 000 payable a week into the next month. Yet, as low as the amount is, workers do not get paid in full as management of the company persistently frame flimsy reasons after which notes of salary deduction would be served. This aspirant was so prompt in picking up his nomination and expression of interest form on the basis that he will tackle insecurity within the state.

You see, in the fast-approaching election, Kogites for sure will decide who gets what. And whether or not this sounds right, whoever must represent us must come with clean hands. Some of us already had envisaged the possible implication of reiterating the old ways and will not let that happen. Hence, upon careful examination and evaluation of those involved, I find it morally right and politically apt to ask; who is the best option? Of course, the answer is VICTOR ADOJI.

Let me remind whoever cares that, I have no personal relationship with Dr. Victor Adoji. Therefore, I am not speaking for him. This post is not meant to sell him or debase anyone, I intended reinvigorating the advocacy for a generational power shift, forestall any form of illicit attitudes and restore due process and orderliness in the realm of leadership.

What motivated my choice of Adoji was a letter of inquiries I earlier sent to his former place of employment which of course, everyone knows is Zenith Bank Plc. The response I got was awesome, for a man of his caliber (being not in wants) and yet, there were no traces of financial or managerial breach is indeed a rare instance. His achievements while in the financial industry according to the response is quite tremendous. In short, Zenith Bank’s success story is not complete without his name (don’t just believe me, do your findings).

So far, I have leveraged three rudiments for good governance. These are; sound economic knowledge, honesty/integrity, creativity/innovation. In describing Victor Adoji’s knowledge of the economy, there is no matching word, you know and I know. His background and social history as well as his creative and innovative capacities, zenith bank has testified in affirmative (don’t forget to find out my lies from Zenith Bank). And in terms of honesty and integrity, Adoji has never compromised, his quick-acceptance of the outcome of the senatorial election justified the fact. Of course, it’s on public domain that he resonated with applause and if there was a semblance of free and fair in the exercise, he would have won swiftly. But, even when it was clear that the mandate was stolen from him and having spent so much to match both the roaring incumbent and the opposition as a third force, Adoji rebuffed counsels to seek legal redress- an act of a true statesman.

History will also be fair to him in term of innovations, maybe because he has served in a most successful financial institution in the country. But, if people who looked up to him could return to their various state and impacts, ours will not be different. In case I don’t make any sense to you check out his past and present campaign mantras, they are unprecedented.

In summary, Victor Adoji is a child necessitated by circumstance. I am certain he is the embodiment of the revolutionary change Kogites yearn for. If we can shun greed all forms of individual conceits and queue behind him, not only will the while Lion roaring for human flesh and blood be removed, Kogites will have the last laugh. This is the sacred truth, let us all embrace it.

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