Kogi State Politics of Inheritance

The game of party politics through a non rule adventure, unlike footballing, badminton and others has some moral embellishment that ought to be respected. It is not oligarchic or an inheritance for the former occupants especially the case of Lugard House in the case of Kogi State.

Prince Abubakar Audu ventured into politics on the creation of Kogi State, graciously God’s benevolence was disposed to his ambitious sojourn, he won another opportunity came onboard, he recontested and won the second time as a result of Dr. Steven Makoji Achema’s politics of sportsmanship based on Ukanukpoda accord at dawn.

The first term though truncated by the despotic exponents under the grip of the then maximum ruler and dictator, General Sani Abacha, heralded his second coming based on litany or achievements.

During the 2003 Governorship election that exited Prince Abubakar Audu but ushered in Alh. Ibrahim Idris, the layer was the least expected considering his experimental background and trade. That election, my God, heralded the most dreaded political violence in the Confluence State, all that happened is now history, and the man lost out while the other won greatly, though the reign of Ibrahim Idris was characterized by litigation from the first day in 2003 to exit in 2012. What a trajectory of politicking and its attendant intrigues?

In fairness, Ibrahim Idris who inherited Dr Achema’s structure on sympathy ground used his God given opportunity to destabilize the group under the watch and midwife of Chief John Odawn, an avowed friend and benefactor of Achema’s political dexterity, as the PDP Chairman. The cause of the project which took Achema’s life in a ghastly motor accident on Murtala Bridge.

Then came the trained pilot son of a jurist, Captain Idris Wada whose entrance created a lot of discomfiture on the known political elements in the land. The rest is now history.

My case at hand currently is the emergence of the sons, relations, in-laws and a former Governor wanting to take over from the incumbent child of necessity who inexperience has made him to desecrate and or defile the exalted position of the Governor of the State.

If one may ask of the rationale behind the spurious and treacherous agitation for an inherited stool of Governor of the State, who amongst the three mentioned earlier Fathers was a former Governor of either Kwara, Benue or Kogi State that the succession of their children, siblings, in-laws and selves should become an albatross of our political advancements?

Without sounding immodest, let all in the above category remember that they are indebted to the people of the State based on the support they enjoyed during their electioneering campaigns and rulership. Their penchant for continuity agitation would amount to moral irresponsibility and a display of ingratitude to the electorates.

Odu Ogobyaga in Dekina LGA alone has three aspirants; Capt Idris Wada, Engr. Musa Wada (Son in-law of Ibro and younger brother to Capt Idris Wada) with Dr. Idris Omede a cousin to the Wadas whose inability to pay for nomination form has turned his anger on the party hierarchy.

On the part of Ibrahim Idris, his believe in the volume of money in his kitty has made him began to behave like the political Emperor of the State. All the notable political class from his Omala home front have fell off his grip especially Ambassador Isaac Onu, Hon. Ali Akwu, Prof. Seidu Mohammed Ogah and even his son Alh. Suleiman Ibrahim Idris to mention just a few out of the lots.

The others in the race from other parts of the State that have neither tasted elective position should be given the chance to put their popularity to test. We are practicing Democracy, where your freedom to exercise stops, others starts.

Those who feel that they must come onboard because they were before should have a rethink especially over the circumstances that ushered them in against all odds. And for those who think the popularity of their Fathers and their old glory is an added filip to their aspiration, let them know that it is not an inheritance stool. Your continued struggle will bring shame on the political dynasty of your parents, it would amount to politico moral bankruptcy.

A word is enough for the wise.

– Alex Idoko Alih
National Coordinator of Kogi Youth Roundtable (KYRT)

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