Good Day Sir Engr. Abubakar Ohere & the Entire Kogi State New Direction Government Bodies let me just be brief, this Message is about the Development Of Entertainment Industry in Kogi State Mostly Kogi Central.

I am so much Touched that in all the 36 states Kogi State/ Central is yet to produce an Artist that will be Representing us atleast Nation Wide.

Kogi Central Entertainment really lack behind

1. No Standard Radio Stations even the once we have can’t be Tune in outside Kogi State I.e TAOFM & JATTO FM & the above mentioned are all Private Owned radios, yet i believe they are also paying tax.

2. We don’t even have a TV station not even a joint TV station where we can partner with other TV stations so that we can atleast have a daily Program with fixed time nor a weekly program that will promote Ebira at Large yet we are Kogi Central.

3. A sister of mine who don’t even know anything concerning Kogi State/Kogi Central Entertainment was Appointed with a specific Role in the Entertainment Industry receiving a monthly Salary with other Allowances, yet the purpose of the Appointment are yet unfulfilled, she started an audition in different Local Government of which i was also aware that the most interesting & Amazing actors/Actress where selected & She Promised to Feature most of them in some nollywood movies & also she Shot a video for over 2years of her appointment in the office that is yet to be published.
4. We don’t have a standard musical school with full Equipment where all most talented artistes, Comedians or more can as well advance there Talents.

With due Respect Sir Mr/Engr Abubakar Ohere i know this new Direction Government have endorsed some specific People & am using this medium to appeal to the new direction government to take the above listed points into Consideration . this message is not speaking for myself as an individual this is for the Entire Entertainers mostly in the Kogi Central.

Please sir we need to be Known, We need to be Recognized,
1. We need More Standard Radio Station with full Equipment
2. We need A TV Station either EbiraTV, TaoTV or more.
3. We need a standard Musical School with Full Equipment even if it cost us Money to Register & learn in it when its Done.

I intend not to Speak because most of our people have low thinking, many might be saying its because the Present Government Doesn’t Favor Me that is why am making noise But i still have to Send this message as a concerned kogite.

Thanks Sir.
Thanks The Viewers
Thanks The Good People that will Read, Understand & Comment Nice on this Content.

Cc: Yahaya Bello (Kogi State Governor)
Cc: Engr. Abubakar Ohere
Cc: DG Protocol Pharm Asuku
Cc: Mercy Johnson

God Bless Anebira
God Bless Kogi State
Kogi will be Great Again!!

By: Ismaila Tijani Omeiza
CEO: FlexyTunesMEDIA


  1. Fine one bro
    That what we need most in kogi we no what is good but there nothing to motivate our upcoming Artist____mostly if they can help us wit TV station

  2. It’s a true saying brother. well-done. This state will go far and will become famous if the talented people are assisted to achieve their goals.

  3. Ebira bloggers need to be considered too, we are in charge of promoting The artists.
    come to us too we need your help

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