LYRICS: Itabriz – #WAR (Werk Ass Rapper)

LYRICS: Itabriz – #WAR (Werk Ass Rapper)
Diss shit is called rap e was never called blabbing
wen I heard ur shit niqqa unyi dozamin
I was like wat d fuck shit ur barz are poor Manny,
Thro dis moder fucker out n lemme hear ma door slammin
I fed ur balls to ma dogs n now ma dogs barkin
dae said ur shit aint sweet dey’d Rada prefer starvin
at a time ma tot was lyk y m I wastin barz
is lyk u ar doubtin if a lion has a claw
weneva I pul ma glock ma bullet passes Tru d wall
dont eva bring me troubl I xpect u to bring me war
am here foreva buh meroki flows awu etuhuor
U such a monkey
dat loves jumping on all treez
u not an mc ur barz on beatz are offkeyz
So fuck peace shiiit maggots dripin of ur undies
I’m chimney wen I burn treez
hard barz upon beats are called diss
must all dis junkies knows ur not mouth piece for all geez
amehomuse Kama rapi da donowack Miki no enuye Ana rap dono wack huni Micki Joe
maybe Micki Joe
or duvarema rehi Micki joe
Emavi number one izenin nd city knw
Is bout tym i tell u bout ma chronicles
trynna fix up dis rap shit am goin mechanical
letting all d dummy know
kabekura Ono dominor
versatility has got me switching lanes nigga
if u wanna b like me let u b trained nigga
join the train nigga
but never betray a niqqa
Let it b plain let it never be unclean nigga jelosi got u trippin am dripin N I’m Reverend here weh qualify to be ma deacon hold on ur tyms tickin Mata of fact go get urself a pussy n put ur dick in
Ur baz are two week ma niqqa it ain’t good for teen.
Check it out for seven days I said it ain’t good fourteen.
Ewa planti irekun but ema kenyi hior kochin.
Just kaguvi kirengwa vochi vovene osochin?
Opochi ini rap game ema misoruru oruru Anki osochin.
Being hardcore ain’t bout u going to plat ur hair.
is bout u being real like champion of Madrid.
plus am ur baba like t tnx 4 d Artwork.
spill ignorant rappers blood in ma Abatour
Better b sure of ur arsenal bfr u start war
Cos I ain’t gentle sir I’ll crush u like tractor.
I ain’t d type of rapper dat u mumble rap with.
Better sit ur ass down bfr u get ur ass weeped.
Take a look at ur mirror u look lika blacksmith..
I’m never in ur class don’t ever cross ma path bitch.
U a minor,am dino sor, I knew I was a beast at d moment I was born.
Emavi odovidin and by force ubedo don.
Wahimi master
mema si osi pastor
mazuruw aniki pasta.
anytym am drop-in barz dey said I’m heavy atileries.ion gat d tym for rappers dawud b acting scary.better gimme Giants to battle I’m not 2 battle babies.
I’m wavy wit dis shit m probably like posiedon.
high level languag can cal me python.
Me n Yunique,talisman boldeg are d Titan.
Oda emceez I’m ur hub in which u are tyed on.
I’m jack of all trades,
Picture me in ur portrait,
I’m mission un aborted
My flows so imported
Probably u deported
Ur flows are so impotent.
Lyrically zero content.
Akaka wa bet uheau duwe face am widyu do dat?
Anka weri teachaw wesubanyi yor Wud u kule.
Am on ma black mask durag gunz wit bullet.
Am fuckin raw on dis beat i ain nid a Durex.
I’m hardcore bone thug I’m heavy weight.
I’m done trainin ma self just like railway.
Emavi oxygen onawatun n am everywhere.
Ain’t suprice kenyi suye aguvi kawekuwe.
Let me tel u I’m not 2 b fucked with.
Cos I ain’t got d money now I ain mean I’ma culprit.
I’m willin 2 tch u hw d rap u beta cooperate.
But if ain’t redy for dat go ahed and suck dick.
Jelosi got u treapin das y u talk shit..
Get back 2 adogo cos u can not be love here.

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