Man loses grandma, uncle, in-law to COVID-19






A British Labour MP has lost three family members to COVID-19.

He blasted Prime Minister Boris Johnson for dodging self-isolation despite one of his staff members testing positive for the virus.

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, whose grandmother, uncle and brother in law’s father all passed away from the virus, said the prime minister’s actions “pours scorn” over those who have been following the rules.

“This constant cavalier attitude of Boris Johnson and many other ministers really does pour scorn over so many that have made such painful personal sacrifices,” the MP for Slough told HuffPost UK.

“People like me who haven’t been able to attend funerals, who haven’t been able to properly grieve or mourn their loved ones – our day-to-day actions have been so limited but many of us have tried to follow the government guidance as best as we can, and at great expense to ourselves and our families.




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