Nigerian artiste, Mr. Eazi speaks on the expensive cost of data in Nigeria and some other parts of Africa and its effect on businesses.

During an interview on a radio station, Mr. Eazi analyses the expensive cost of data in Nigeria compared to other parts of Africa and the world.

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According to him, he has an unlimited data plan in his apartment is London and a 10GB or 20GB data plan in his apartment in Nigeria but the cost of his data in Nigeria is more expensive than that of his London apartment.

Speaking on Ghana, he said, before an artiste from Ghana started doing shows, he was only on a night plan so whenever he tries reaching him, it has to only be at night.

One of the interviewers asked why that was, saying ” why is it so expensive, is it because they only want certain people on it?”
Eazi responded, “i think that’s going to far, i think it is just business, because they can.”

The interviewer responded, “but they are tripping people off. Like.. people don’t have money and we are going to steal from them.”

yes, they are essentially alienating the poor”, another female interview added.


Eazi went on to explain that in East Africa, data is cheaper and so, a superstar artiste like Diamond platnum from Tanzania can get up to 7 million in a day when he drops his song online because data is cheaper.



“In East Africa it is way advanced, in banking they do everything on their mobile phone. I’m sure in time, eventually it will get better.”


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