MUSIC: Jenesis – Special Way

25 comments on “MUSIC: Jenesis – Special Way

  1. Good job dear keep it up
    So I like to help you
    Your contact please
    I’m davido friend
    I talked with davido
    He was happy

  2. Thanks a lot y’all i appreciate the comments and support
    I can be contacted through this numbers: 08078521950 &07010033584

  3. OMG its really king Jenesis
    I want you to know I’m ur biggest vskit fan
    I follow up all your videos and now I’ll follow all your songs
    I really love your talent in acting and singing
    God bless you and keep it up

  4. When @prescotthomas told me you sing I was like omg shut up so I searched you up and he’s really real
    I’m so glad your this good I love your songs and all your vskit videos and I’m basically a big fan like really big
    I’ll download this now and make it my ring tone
    Your a big addition to the music industry

  5. Sweetie your thanking God for what hes doing for us but I’m thanking God for giving you too us
    Just so you know I love your videos and I know what I’ll give to see you
    @rachealaddison texted me to search you up and I’m glad I did
    your good and talented don’t ever forget that

  6. Olowon u hot die
    abeg where you dey see this your vibes from make you for borrow me small(lol)
    Jenesis your really good and your talent can go far
    I searched you up on Facebook and I’ve sent a message to your page
    I’ll be delighted if you chat me back
    my phone number is also attached to the message
    Your hotter than fire.

  7. Anthony King just tagged majority of we your vskit fans to inform us your a singer and encouraged us to encourage you
    personally I don’t need any encouragement to say nice things to you cause you deserve it
    I’ve.downloaded your song and I’ve proceeded to send it to all my Whatsapp contact
    God bless your talent

  8. Okay so I’m Russian and my English is a bit rusty but I understand some of the words you speak in your song and I like you flow keep it up
    in Russia we tell a talented person ‘ perahiki kisliybswq’ meaning you are a gift from god
    so u are a gift from god
    carry on u rock

  9. Wow King Jenesis
    I got an instagram from Sharon that your a singer and I decided to do a little publicity for you(smiles)
    I tagged your most active followers to Inform them about your song and I’m glad they are all reacting
    I love this so g and I can’t wait for you to realese another one
    thanks for this

  10. Good job dear
    I’m close to rema and I told him about your song and he’s pleased with your talent
    07039126408 you can call me to add you to his record label

  11. Omoge ur face fine
    Ur voice fine pass
    and ur lyrics come beautiful
    08136429701 na my Whatsapp de dat though me don send you message for your contact number ( 07010033584) so abeg chat me

  12. Like I just noticed something why are all this comment within 5 and 6 am?
    like girl are you that hot
    anyways before I start judging lemme hear ur song first

  13. so I just downloaded it and only the intro got me feeling like deleting my former comment to correct myself
    no be say u hot
    na say u dey boil like hot water
    make hay while the sun shine
    ur a star in the making

  14. the day wey god take create you na relax him relax well well create you because eehn u too perfect
    everything dey perfect for your body
    ur voice na like that of tiwa savage
    u r good

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