Opinion: Why Barr. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti Will Make a Big Difference | John Onuja

It will interest us to know that, Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti while fighting for the revitalisation of the moribund steel companies in Nigeria as a non-memeber of the National Assembly influenced the three bills to offer effective management and operation of Nigerian steel sectors which are in the pipeline.

For the avoidance of doubt, the bills include: Bill to establish Steel Authority, sponsored by Nicholas Ossai, PDP, Delta State Ndokwa/Ukwani Federal Constituency.

Bill to create $1b lifeline for Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited, ASCL, sponsored by Abubakar Garba Amuda-Kannike, APC, Kwara State Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency.

Bill to create set of laws for ASCL’s operations when revamped, sponsored by Hon. Abdussamad Dasuki, APC, Sokoto, Tambuwal-Kebbi Federal Constituency.

These are qualities and many more of her antecedence and track records we must reflect on before we cast our Vote for any other candidate in 2019.

It is time to do a background check on the candidate of any political party, don’t vote political party in 2019, Vote for competence, and antecedence not religion, not tribe, clan, gender or ethnicity.

I am enjoying the diversity of God’s designs and creations of people in diversity. I am married to an Igbo lady since 2011, I live and i am fulfilling my ministry among none of my tribesmen’s environment, yet i am getting highest support from these Isokos, Urhobos, Itsekiris, Ijaws, Edos, Rivers State.. etc. not minding my tribe or ethnicity of Ebira from Kogi State nor that of my wife an Igbo lady from Anambra State.

While many years’ back my own tribe person implicated me in 2009 to silence me forever, if not for God. Yet I didn’t hate my people but only careful with people because of that experience.I believe I have what it takes to tell people to stop causing division among Nigerians and let’s accept the fact that We are one and the interest of Nigerians is greater than an individual interest.

As a resident in the Niger Delta Region for a decade now, I have seen rottenness from those in governance, from local government to state government, in Delta State only self acclaimed Christians are voted into power yet no development in the land as it ought to be. Of course, the allocation coming to Delta State, could have been able to turn Delta state into Nigeria-Dubai if competent people were allowed to rule, but bad leadership won’t let it.

Similarly, Kogi state has since inception been ruled by Muslim governors From Late Alh. Abubakar Audu, Alh. Ibrahim Idris, Alh. Idris Wada who are of Igala extraction to the present governor of the state, Alh. Yahaya Bello, an Ebira man.

Despite being of the same faith, we can all attest to the pace of development in the state which goes a long way to show that mismanagement of public treasury does not know religion.

Many Emmanuels are thieves and many Ibrahims are Criminals… Nelson Mandela was neither a Christian, nor a Muslim but he was the best leader Africa has ever Produced. But let me add that he was a great lawyer just like Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti.

The best president Nigeria ever produced was Alh. Musa Yaradua who brought peace to the Niger Delta regions. After his demise, his successor, Good Johnathan could not maintain the tempo, even though he was from the region… Stop and think and let us do away with premodial sentiments limiting us.

Vote for quality representation, vote for sterling antecedence.Chat Admin to join the Group 08131266475
In every state, let us look for the likes of Natasha not minding party lines… GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


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  1. *WHO IS THE VICTIM OF BAD LEADERSHIP?* By: Pst. John Onuja 01/12/2019. “Everyone remains a victim of bad governance, I wish to recount my ordeal with some police officers in July, 2018. We met an angry Nigerian Police Force officer with dirty uniform the location was between Okpela and Okene in Kogi State, he was friendly at first but later became furious after telling our friend Mr Jafaar to leave the road because other vehicles passing, Mr Jafaar who already got irritated that the officer was already delaying us unnecessarily told him “If he dies is not his problem, since he can’t respect our person, not even respecting our person after he already introduced the man of God” referring to me. Then this man then introduced himself as the Commandant of that squard that for 6 months then Kogi State government didn’t pay his allowances, so all the men of the force in the state then, and pointing to their patrol vehicle very old too, he said they gave us motor without enough fuel, and we must go to the road, now if we don’t ask for money how do we fuel it? He concluded that even his uniform and shoes he buys them by himself and now, no money for him to dry clean them, so that he too can look good.” I became dumb founded and my orientation about our road police changed. But I was still surprised that throughout all elections in 2019 police were used by the ruling party to disrupt the process. Is that not a big problem? What plans does Nigerian government has for officer’s families welfare who died or got injured in the line of service to our nation? Yet we want them to put their lives on the line for the nation, how possible is that? Even Nigerian armies are not even better of in welfare package. If we don’t do the needful the angry ones among them will continue to sabotage our national security to the hoodlums to vent their anger on the nation. Remember that recently a kidnapping kingpin arrested in the North by police officers got an army senior officer Supporting him, infact he got all police officer that arrested this evil guy killed before himself was later arrested, we all know the case, as it was a leading news headline then. Another police officer I met in Orerokpe, Delta State this year told me how his men and himself recovered bank money from armed robbers some years ago in Abraka also in Delta State, all his men that trail the armed robbers, got killed except him and one of his boss, whom he later called that see the money, the robbers are dead but this greedy officer shot Okon his junior colleague to run away with this big cash but God saved officer Okon. This type of officer deserves a national recognition for outstanding performance, yet nothing was done, it’s only Then you will see many other officers striving for good reputation but when nobody cares about them our security is at stake. So we of the A Better Nigeria Movement has deemed it fit to raise a welfare NGO for our security officers, we shall also help by helping them to demand for their right from the government of the day as you know many of them are used or commanded as machines who only understand operational commands but when they are alone they think for themselves which The decision may not favour the citizens, the officers massacred by Boko Haram at Metele, what has government done done for the disease family? This feat requires enough funding, if you wish to support us, then write us and make your donation. God bless Nigeria. Pst. John Onuja. Recommended by: A Better Nigeria Movement/ [email protected]

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