Opinion: Why Bello’s Sins Are Unpardonable

In life, when sins/bad deeds are committed, you own up to the misdemeanor. This is far from Kogi governor, Yahaya Bello and his cronies’ traits, noticeable in their unrepentant posture towards the people of the state.
In the life of Kogi state for over two decades, the sufferings, humiliation, assault, insults, denigration, deceit, dehumanization and all sorts of vices witnessed in the last three and half years, is far from those that led before Yahaya Bello.
For a governor that has never shown remorse or even embrace the leeway of apologising to the people of the state. Amidst appeals from other dignitaries that attended the APC grand finale rally, Bello does not deserve to be forgiven.
This is a governor that consistently lied on the people of the state, particularly the helpless civil servants who have been denied their entitlements and some thrown out of jobs without benefits. This atrocious act is far from been forgiven.
Yahaya Bello, in the last four years, was not accountable to the people of the state, yet adamant to the plight of the people in the area of provision of basic amenities.
In his term in office, human dignity became unimportant as he preferred to seek political solution rather than concerted efforts towards the amelioration of the human crises created by him in the state.
Bello and his cronies, rather than address governance through a sane practice, operated under the premise of youthful inclusion to run aground the entire fabrics of the state without restraint.
In its place, they institutionalized divisive political arrangement to soothe his ambition to return to the leadership of the state, through all means possible, thereby affecting the progress of the state.
The governor has employed all means to drive home this undemocratic conducts, by using force to win election far from the previous generally acceptable system of dialogue and other democratic tenets. This brought to a low ebb, the prestige of governance in Kogi to a more ludicrous way beyond what Bello met in the last four years.
A trip or a discourse in a public circle within and outside the country among sane minds will always express disgust and condemnation for the most youthful governor, yet always in the news for bad decision and conducts against the state.
In Yahaya Bello’s first term, Kogi is always discussed in bad light. Critics are been scared off through threat of possible death and incarceration unlawfully, without restrictions.
This negative development in all facets of the current administration had portrayed the state in bad light for investors, private and public entities.
Worst of all, the implications of this ugly trend is lack of clear cut government policies and programs which trickled down to lack of confidence on our elected leaders and representatives, known for illegal and unlawful decisions against the people of the state.
This is a government in his first term, yet exhibited high level denigration of its subjects. The return will be a complete misnormer.
We have already resolved to die in the hands of Bello’s hired mercenaries dispatched to all the nooks and crannies of the state, since it is the ‘modern democratic tenets’ he has introduced to annihilate opposition from the polity.
Democracy is a game of numbers and agreement, hence the two protagonist at the forefront of Bello’s forgiveness are direct beneficiaries. Let’s allow the numbers play out before the forgiveness will be accepted.
Enough is Enough.
Usman Okai Austin wrote from Dekina, Kogi state.

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