RE: Bello’s Second Term Will Bring Prosperity – A Figment of Blur Imagination

Once you cannot put anything cognitive to the fore, have a rational association, no longer see things the way everyone else does, perhaps, there are no sane perspectives from anyone else except you, trust me you are dead. It is synonymous with when a mad man accuse others of madness. You see, what amazes me about Yahaya Bello’s data boys is the manner in which they go about their latest indentures, promulgating falsehoods and making everything look as if something good can still come out of him.

Lucidly, it would have been human that Bello embarks on a reparative amende-honorable before Kogites and imperceptibly return to his fair plus business, but data boys in apprehensive but puerile tenders to keep the ALEWI, have unswervingly imprinted that he can still be governor of Kogi state. Says who? On which derivation? And what would he, perchance consolidate if endorsed for the second term when apparently the first term is deplorably a discomfiture?

We can’t allow such dally treachery as if the governor is being hard-done-by few and the data boys are shielding him. As a matter of fact, Bello’s second term is incredulously cataclysmic and it is evinced in the first term (a prospect we reputed he should have farsightedly and paradigmatically exploited). Of course, it was crystal clear how the young lad resonated politically, and the upshot impunities which eventually ended him as a sophisticated dictator. Oh yes! He is so urbane that he now sting everyone that crosses his route including his own deputy.

Check this out, Kogi became a direct prey of Buhari’s adverse policies because, in place of governance, Yahaya Bello chose sycophancy. Even those who defied odds by putting the truth to him became his adversaries. Is this who should govern the peace-loving Kogites for 8 years? Data boys are ranting from the figments of imagination. It would not work. Not when the roads they claimed he constructed don’t exist anywhere, it is a known fact.

Even in the health care and education, data boys had just unveiled satanic lies, they know and I know. In short, what was designated as prosperity is nothing other than braggadocio. We will not let that happen.

Wait a minute, how callous can a governor be, we are crying that the civil servants had been neglected, little did I know that in his government, everything is segregated- If you are not in cordial term with Edward Onoja, sorry, nothing for you. This was the testimony of those who took the bold step and left his government. The ongoing fracas between him and his deputy also vindicated this fact. And somebody is telling me that prosperity awaits if Bello is reelected. Let me tell whoever cares, if he can be this dubious in his first term that should have been an avenue to sell himself for the second term, how much more would the next term be when he already know he won’t come again?

If data boys are living with a dead conscience, Kogites are not. And let me remind them once again, If Yahaya Bello likes, let him inaugurate his pay-per-praise/tirade agents in every LGs, nemesis is on course, and our traducers, democratic rapists and all agents of doom currently patronizing him will not go unpunished.

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