Too Short Denies Raping (& Taking The Virginity Of) Former Artist

Last week, TMZ ran a story about Too Short being investigated for raping a woman who was signed to his label. Now he’s denying it.

The woman said she was with the Oakland legend in November, and he sexually attacked her while they were in a Los Angeles home. She reported the alleged incident to the police about one month later.

Too Short has a different story. He said the woman was dropped from his label, and that’s when she came up with the rape allegation. She even asked the rapper to get back on his label after the alleged incident, which he considers a form of extortion.

The 50-year-old also wrote a letter to the media and said he would never touch a woman without her consent.

“Today I read that I am being investigated for allegedly committing sexual assault,” the statement read. “The allegations against me are completely false. Let me be clear, I have never had non-consensual sex with anyone, ever … I have not been contacted by the LAPD about this matter, and doubt I ever will be. If I am, I will direct my lawyers to fully cooperate and turn over 100s of text messages and other evidence that will prove this woman is falsely accusing me.”

Although the media doesn’t usually reveal sexual assault victims, Too Short’s former artist Ana Lou has accused him of raping her and taking her virginity in a Tweet that is still pinned to the top of her page.


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