Wack 100 Defends Saying Tupac Wasn’t A Gangster

pac-wackThe Game’s social media savvy manager Wack 100 got himself some attention last week for saying that Tupac wasn’t a gangster.

There was plenty of push back, so he shot a video to explain why he said what he did.

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“Everybody upset because I said Tupac wasn’t a gangster. Let me repeat myself. I’m a Tupac fan. I bought all of his music … Tupac wasn’t a gangster, he had gangsters around him. Pac was revolutionary type guy,” Wack said.

“It is what it is. When the man died, he had $125,000 in his bank account. No property, no real estate … I say that hoping young artists coming up now learn from those mistakes. He wasn’t a gangster. He didn’t shoot two police. He shot at two white people he later learned were off duty police. Let’s get that right. All ya’ll need to stop lying to yourselves.

What do you think of Wack’s words?

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