Why APC Can’t Win Kogi Governorship

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Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has failed even before the APC in Kogi State failed. His collosal failure precipitated the resort to unconventional means of doing things particularly in approach to his re-election in a situation that he cannot get even 15% of voters.

Today in Kogi State, there is infrastructural dilapidation, failed road networks, abandoned projects, humanitarian crisis, collapsed civil service, heaps of unpaid workers’ salaries and all sorts of social malady pervading the state as a result of incompetence.

Getting to Lokoja, headquarters of Kogi State, one is welcomed with stench and foul odour oozing out of refuse dump. There is nothing to show that the state has breath of its own.

You see anybody, you see squalor, poverty with very discouraging countenance. This is because in barely four years, there is no liquidity flow in the system and very few friends and cronies of government does little contracts as much of funds coming into the state are diverted into areas that are detrimental to the socio-economic and human capital development of the state.

Kogi State government agents are in fallacious defense of the happenings in government circle, but like it is often said: “actions speak louder than voice.” If there was elusive infrastructural development by the previous administration, Bello and his aides would have been raising loud voice in condemnation.

Lately, he claimed to have inherited arrears of salaries from Captain Idris Wada administration. Wada, we all know owed only three month arrears. It wasn’t a flying campaign dummy sold to him by his kinsman and former critic of his administration, Dr. Tom Ohikere. As the Governor approaches election for the first time in his life, he doesn’t have achievements he could effectively confront electorate with.

The Abuja cabals that manipulated APC ticket for Bello after a ‘suspicious underhand deals’ would leave him to roast in hot water when electorate would bring their power to bear on 16th November, 2019. Kogi State Governor would have been the preferred candidate, save for his infamous ineptitude, his chance is like the proverbial ‘camel passing through the eye of a needle.’

While the governor is battling with his conscience for non performance, the hypocrites and scavengers around him are in celebration mood that he would use incumbency power to torment opposition to victory.

Clearly, incumbency power is a factor, but where people are in torment as a result of power of incumbency, they are equally being taught wisdom.

I see the peoples will triumphing over Bello’s power of incumbency!


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